CS Anoop Jain

CS Anoop Jain is Expert and renowed faculty for CS Professional CR. CD. DD. CF. and Drafting papers having teaching experience of more than 15 years.

-He is Author of many popular and best selling law books

-In Industry he is popularly know as the CORPORATE LAWS WIZARD.

-He is also winner of best MSOP participant awards by ICSI (NIRC).

- For the benefits of Students. he has opened his own publication house  (under name and style of AJ EDUCATION AND PUBLICATION LLP) for providing good CS Books at affordable price.

- He is also owner of website (csanoopjain.in a website only for CS Students) from where students can get all corporate laws updates, academy99.in (an online book store) And ajpublication.in

- He is also founder of Inter lege professionals private limited. (a legal consultancy firm) interlegeprofessionals.com

-He is also founder of tingernow.in (a social media platform only for professionals)