Dr. Avinash Poddar

Avinash poddar is a Chartered Accountant turned Advocate. He Completed his graduation  from Holy city of Haridwar, Located in the state of Uttrakhand, Presently he is founder Partner in M/s. ASHVA Legal Advisor LLP". He is currenly based as surat and for the purpose of profession is partially based at Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi alongwith Surat. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2000 and has established his firm APV & Associate.

He later venture into software development and promoted TARUN Group.In the first eight years of his practice, He primarily worked in the areas of Direct Taxation, Auditing and Software Development and Sales. Subsequently in the year 2008 he felt that the share of service sector is increasing in the Indian Economy and therefore, service tax has the potential of of growing immensely. He therefore decided to concentrate on the field of Service Tax and Excise. Thereafter in 2017, He Finally Surrender Certificate of Practice as Chartered Accountant and to start practicing as an Advocate before Higher Judicial forums viz. High Court and Supreme Court. He therefore founder a law firm named M/s ASHWA Legal Advisors LLP, Attorneys and Advocates and started practicing litigation.